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    Mishiana Printer, Artcraft Printers' South Bend Location

    Artcraft Printers is the premier printing company servicing South Bend, Notre Dame, all of the Michiana area including surrounding cities. Family owned and operated for over 70 years, we offer a wide range of services and products. Staffed with highly qualified and experienced people, we are here to meet and exceed your design and printing needs.

    From start to finish, we are your one stop shop. Need a logo design? We can do that! Need to put your logo on something? Business cards, business forms, t-shirts, banners, etc... We can do that! It's out business to help you promote your business. We offer everything from copies to coffee cups, brochures to t-shirts, we can put your logo on almost anything.

    We pride ourselves in customer service by providing quick and efficient service and quality products. We look forward to making your experience excellent.

  • Services List


    We at Artcraft Printers understand that our clients have a range of needs and with our expansive set of skills we are sure that we can fulfill whatever printing needs you have. We have a full service color printing selection, and the ability to print on a wide variety of substances from cloth and paper to plastics and metals. We also feature promotional items such as rubber stamps.

    It is our goal to provide the best service to our customers as possible. At Artcraft Printers that means being available to take our customers’ orders and deliver their products in a timely fashion as a reasonable cost. All while making sure they are satisfied with the quality of result they are being given.

  • Business Cards

    One of our most prominent services at Artcraft Printers is our business card design and production.

    We have an inventive team of employees who will help you design you own personal or corporate business cards. We can also follow specific templates as provided. In either case we will make sure that you have the business cards you need for your use.

    Business cards are a great way for companies and individuals to market themselves, as well as being able to provide their own clients with a convenient, wallet-sized way to contact them about their products and services.

    We offer a variety of choices including raised ink, full color, UV coating, special die-cut shapes and foil stamping.

    Professional Business Cards,
    For the Business Professional!

    Every business needs business cards, and many individuals find that having business cards is beneficial for their personal promotion, as well as their businesses.

    When you place an order with Artcraft Printers you are getting a well-designed and manufactured product that will promote you and your business in a positive way. It is our pleasure to implement the designs that we are given to create a business card for our customers, or to design and print our own business cards.

  • Full Color Envelopes

    As with most printers, Artcraft Printers offers a variety of envelope sizes and styles. Whether you need a large commercial envelope or a small envelope for personal use, WE CAN DO THAT!

    In addition to our regular printing services, we have an industry leading Digital Envelope Press which allows us to print full color envelopes, large run or small for a reasonable fee. A full color logo, image or even a photo is no problem! Your envelope will stand out among the others for sure!

    Great for realtors, special events, parties... turn an envelope into an order form! The opportunities are endless.

    We can accommodate nearly any size envelope... make it as unique as you are!

    Make Your Envelope
    More Exciting

  • Promotional Items

    Artcraft Printers proudly serves many corporate clients with businesses large and small and we understand your marketing needs. It is important to keep your name, your logo, your phone number easily accessible to your clients. To help you achieve this, we offer a wide range of promotional products.

    While pens, pencils, magnets and coffee cups are very common and go the long haul with your client, Artcraft Printers has access to thousands of products so we can really target your specific client.

    Offering a wide range of unique promotional products from the latest trend in sports bottles, rubber stamps, to sticky notes, lip balm, can coolers, flash drives, calendars, recyclable bags, key tags, license plates, decals... and thousands more items, we can help you make a smart choice in promotional products. We want you to get the most mileage out of your marketing dollars.

    We can print on almost any medium so you can promote!

    Every business should have little things for their customers to have after a visit. This engenders a sense of goodwill for their customers, knowing that they can get something complementary for their business relationship, as well as provides an additional marketing scheme to help promote your business, as well as our own.

    Promotional items are a good way to start advertising your company and services, as well as giving your clients something to remember you by for repeat services, and even to give them a sort of acknowledgement of thanks.

  • In House Printing

    Artcraft Printers is a unique printing company because we do everything in house. Business cards, envelopes, letterheads, postcards, flyers, brochures, carbonless forms and walk-in copying services are a few of the many things we offer. We also offer free delivery to commercial accounts.

    All our printing jobs are done in our building and as long as they are not massive orders, or extremely detailed, our customers can even watch our printing process and see what we are doing for them.

    Since we have an in house printing facility, we can accomplish our printing jobs much faster than other companies. We are a smaller office than the big name printing companies that may not have the same attention to detail that we do at Artcraft Printers.

    We can complete most projects in less than a day, depending on size and design specifications from our clients.In either case, our mission is to provide an efficient and fast printing service for our customers so that they have the product they need by the time they need it if not before. On time is the new late, and we try to never be late.

  • Copies

    Whether you need quick black and white copies or high quality full color copies, we can do that!

    With the best prices in town, don't trust your copy jobs to anyone else. We have a wide variety of equipment to best serve your needs and offer you the best price.

    We stock a variety of papers to help you achieve just the right look. Whether your printing a resume on a nice professional paper or a flyer on a bright fun paper, we have many choices for you!

    Our high speed full color digital press will astound you with its quality. Perfect for sharp, high resolution images.

    Don't Be a Copy Cat!
    Come by Artcraft Printers Today!

    We also feel that we have done a pretty good job at ensuring that our customers can find everything they need to meet their printing and copying needs here at Artcraft Printers.

    The next time you have a paper due and need to make multiple copies, or want to send greeting cards to relatives and friends, remember that at Artcraft Printers we can make produce your desires quickly and affordably.

  • T-Shirt Screen Printing

    Click image above to view available colors for our Gildan T-Shirt.

    Need a great shirt for your company or next event? WE CAN DO THAT!

    With so many t-shirt colors to choose from, our design team and our screen printing department will work with you to create a shirt that is outstanding.

    Maybe you'd prefer a sweatshirt, custom pants or a polo... WE CAN DO THAT!

    Let us help you promote your company, your event, your team... we can design a shirt to fit any need!

    Artcraft Printers also offers embroidery, direct to garment printing (perfect for putting your custom artwork or photo on a shirt) and team names and numbers.

  • Design Services

    We have a creative staff available to help you with your design needs!

    Whether you're starting at the beginning and developing a logo or you want to incorporate your logo in a new brochure or postcard, we can help you create it!

  • Selk Inking Stamps

    Self inking stamps are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Not only are they inexpensive and quick, but they come in handy throughout the day in many different ways!

  • Custom Banners / Signs

    Full color banners work well when you need to have an eye catching sign or message. Our digitally printed full color banners are printed on a heavy duty material using industry leading technology.

    Banners are printed in full color so the design opportunities are endless. Use unlimited text, color and graphics to get just the right look you desire. We use a 13oz vinyl which is rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

    For photographs and more "artsy" projects, we can also print on canvas or photo paper. Suitable for framing, your favorite photo or piece of artwork can be printed on canvas for a high-end custom look. We also offer gallery prints, your image on canvas stretched over a frame... ready to hang! Also available is a heavy duty high gloss photo paper. Makes beautiful reproductions and posters.

    Maybe you're in the service industry and you need some yard signs. We can print beautiful full color yard signs in quantities of large or small. And don't forget auto magnets, be sure to advertise your business and get your name and logo recognized as you drive around town.

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

    FTP, otherwise known and File Transfer Protocol, is a standard network protocol system used to transfer larger files from one place to another using the internet. If you have a file you need to send to us that is less than 10MB in size, you can use the form on this page. If you have a larger file (over 10MB) that you need to send to us, you can send it to our FTP address. Note: you must email us when you send it so we know to check the FTP server. If you have an FTP program, below is the information you will need in order to send us your file:

    FTP username: files@artcraft-printers.com
    FTP server: ftp.artcraft-printers.com
    FTP password: artcraft
    FTP & explicit FTPS port: 21

    If you do not have an FTP program, we recommend WinSCP or FileZilla, both free programs.

    Send us a File

  • Current Specials

    For the month of December, Welcome the new year with your business card on one side and 2016 calendar on the back. Your client will hold onto your card all year long! 500 cards, full color both sides, only $60.00.

    We love specials!

    Call or stop in for specials on many items, not just what is listed here!

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    Artcraft Printers

    2213 South Michigan Street                           Phone: 574-234-8464 South Bend, IN 46613                                        Fax: 574-287-5037

    E-mail: Tom@Artcraft-Printers.com

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